Grandfathers shed Grandfathers shed - Michael Herring 2009

The garage is the space for the hacker, the tinkerer, the maker. The garage is not defined by a single field or industry; instead, it is defined by the eclectic interests of its inhabitants. It is a space where intellectual networks converge.

- Steve Jobs

Somewhere, very near to where you current sit, stand or lay, there is a place where magic happens. For some it is a retreat, a place to go to escape the hum drum and monotony of every day life, to kick back and contemplate or shoot the breeze with friends. For others is is the epicentre of creation, a place where dreams are quite literally made, crafted by hand and machine, honed and polished into obsessed perfection. Whilst the results of these labours may sometimes be glimpsed, invariably the sanctuary that saw their creation remains unseen by all but a privileged few.

Garage Culture takes a peek into some of these spaces; the garages, sheds, studios, workshops and retreats that harbour the secret endeavours undertaken by the few. A fleeting glance into the hidden lives of the secret craftsmen and artisans, tinkerers and makers that continue a creative tradition stretching back across time immemorial. Some continue lost and forgotten arts and trades, others are at the forefront of developing new ones, but in all cases even a small glimpse into their inner sanctuary starts to unveil a a tale very much larger than the sum of things produced there.

Partially inspired by Mark Thomsons book 'Blokes and Sheds', and partially by the variety of different projects that people I know have going on in their own sheds and garages, I decided that such adroitness had a right to be aired and appreciated by a wider audience. So I created Garage Culture as a platform to showcase some of what goes on in the secret back yard sheds, garages and creative spaces of the world, and hope that by sharing some of the things that are found there, we may all be inspired in our own creative endeavours.

Garage Culture